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Interested in Building your Own Audition/Self Tape Studio?

Hi there friends! I have built two self-tape studios, one in Atlanta - HOLLYWOOD SOUTH SELF TAPES and now this one, A PLACE TO TAPE. I've been asked to help others design and build their own self tape studio in their homes a few times. If you have any interest in doing so, whether it be for opening your own business or for your personal use at home, I am definitely happy to have a conversation with you. It is not a cheap endeavor but it's also not terribly expensive. And it's quite cool to have one in your home if you have the space and means to do so. #creative #actors #selftape #audition #losangeles #artists #carpenter #designer #builder

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Well, that depends. Getting a reliable reader for a self tape is challenging at times.... I would say the only time you do not need a reader is if the entire scene is strictly your dialogue. However,

Self Tape Comfort

At A Place To Tape, my own little slice of self tape heaven, I have a list of goals for each audition taping/self tape session. I want to be sure you feel at home, comfortable, focused, and CONFIDENT.


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