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Mental Health & Acting

I'll start by saying, for each of us , the most important part of our overall health is our mental health. Without it, we'll be lucky to have any success in any area of our lives. Especially as an actor - this career takes so much grit, drive, and positivity. So, take care of your mind and it will take care of the rest.

And when we are challenged with emotional roller coasters of life, we have to talk to someone - anyone that will can't keep that shit balled up inside. It will in fact, make you sick.

I say all this to let you know that we all need an outlet/someone we can trust to share these things with. As someone who loves acting and working with actors, I don't just offer self-taping and reading for you....I offer myself as a friend & empathetic ear if you need to unload some things off your mind when you are here taping with me.

My first actor that booked a taping session here, she walked in and one of the first things she said was "Life is really hard and I'm not doing so well".....Her 45 minute booked taping session resulted in great tapes but we also spent an hour talking, sharing personal challenges (the career challenges are always there), and by the end, becoming pals. That's the type of environment I have created and the type of person I am. I'm here for more than just helping you book a role, I'd like us to support and lift each other up as we maneuver this wild and unpredictable career. #auditions #friends #actors #selftape #selftapestudio #westLA #aplacetotape

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