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Taping Auditions - Zoom Callbacks

OK, the acting industry has slowed down and we are near a complete stand still with the upcoming possible SAG-AFTRA strike. Auditions have disappeared, callbacks are rare gold, and it is very possible many of us have already gotten rusty. IF we do strike and our industry goes completely silent, we have to stay sharp. That means different things for all of us - take time off/clear your mind, take a new acting class, update our actors access materials, or anything you feel like you need to be ready when we climb out of this difficult season. Selftapes have become a wonderful ally for actors and they are here to stay. (Not sure what our union is pushing for regarding self-tape rules but I don't see a thing wrong with taping on your own time) Actors can now live where they want and be able to get their selftapes in to casting without needing to be in the room. TV & Film auditions will come back in a big way when all of this is resolved. Let's stay sharp! Reach out to me if you simply want to collaborate, talk about an actors access consultation, shoot a scene for your reel, OR anything at all related to an acting career. I would love to chat! #selftapes #auditions #aplacetotape #actortraining #actingcoach #auditiontechnique #oncamera #selftapesnearme #audition #actors #losangeles #westla #selftapestudio

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